I can recall visiting the Burnt Mill Creek site near Highway 5 and Kings Mountain Battleground many times as a kid. I remember swimming beneath the mural-painted bridge there that spans over the waterway. The water there is shallow and flows slowly, making it a relatively safe wading hole for the young, and the shore is made up of soft river silt-sand creating a nice faux beach. Kids can wade to their hearts content while their parents keep an eye on them from folding lawn chairs on the beach. Camping spots can be reserved for those who would like a longer stay, and the G. & G. Burnt Mills Bar can be visited for those who are more interested in socializing and billiards.

The well-known river site on Kings Creek is privately owned by Johnny Walker and family, and the owners are known for getting involved in Vacation Bible School, Back to School bashes, and Trunk or Treat events for the children in their neighborhood.  I would love to say that I had found the origin of the site’s name, but all I can provide is the fact that the area was already called “the old burnt mill” as early as 1924 when people would gather there for huge Fourth of July picnic celebrations, and potentially as early as 1898. I imagine there may have been a mill there at one point, which was burned by accident or by design during the Civil War or Reconstruction era rebellions that rocked the area through the 1860’s to the 1890’s. Even without knowing the story, the area is still interesting. The creek-bend that hugs the property almost creates an island shielded from outside influence. The camp and the regulars maintain an old-fashioned mountain-folk feel in a place where the brakes have seemingly been applied to the passage of time.

If you want to learn more, be sure to view their social media account. Warning: Some social media images may be considered offensive.



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