Directory may be updated often to account for new information.

Southern Baptist

First Baptist Church: 121 West Cherokee Street/103 South Rutherford Street/P.O. Box 654,    Reverend Scott Hammett and Pastor Rick Douglas.        Phone # 1-864-839-2421             Sundays 10:45AM and 6:00PM, Wednesdays 6:00PM

Broad River Baptist: 419 West Cherokee Street,     Pastor Dennis Willoughby.          Phone # 1-864-839-6327       Sundays 10:00AM and 6:00PM, Wednesdays 6:30PM           This church participates in the Blacksburg Backpack Buddy Ministry fundraising program to feed hungry children in our area on weekends and school breaks.

Mt. Paran Baptist Church: 105 Mount Paran Road,       Pastor Lee Coyle      Phone# 1-864-839-6621       Sundays 11:00AM More information pending.

Buffalo Baptist Church: 618 Old Buffalo Church Road,     Pastor Bruce Price and Pastor Marshall Foster     Phone# 1-864-839-6222     More information pending.     This church participates in the civic-minded Jerusalem Project program, which pairs young people with adult chaperones to help people in their community.

Hopewell Baptist Church: 511 Old Chester Road,       Pastor Eddie Bolin and Ministry Assistant Angie Moss.         Phone #       1-864-839-6643      Sundays 9:30AM and 6:00PM  Wednesdays 6:30 PM      This church hosts a 4th of July Fireworks celebration each year.

East Side Baptist Church: 108 Lenzer Circle/1284 East Cherokee Street/Highway 29,      Reverend Eric Sellers.      Phone #     1-864-936-9981        Sundays 9:00AM and 6:00PM  Wednesdays 5:00PM

Rock Springs Baptist Church: 1184 Rock Springs Road,       1-864-839-3421   More information pending.

Antioch Baptist Church: 839 Antioch Road/811 State Road S-11-21,        Pastor C. Vernon Craig.      Phone # 1-864-936-7726   This is a very long-lived church, having been in operation during 1814 +/-.  More information pending.

Holly Ridge Baptist Church: 608 Tribal Road/658 Tribal Road,      Pastor Michael Ware and/or Pastor Travis Childers.      Phone # 1-864-839-3508       Sundays 10:00AM and 6:00PM  Wednesdays 6:30PM

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church: 413 Cherokee Falls Road/509 Cherokee Falls Road,       Principle Billy Boone.       Phone #        1-864-839-0084 or 1-864-839-4831        Sundays 10:00AM and 5:00PM  Wednesday 6:00PM

New Song Baptist Church: 1518 York Road,      Pastor James Lingerfelt.       Phone # 1-864-839-3099      Sundays 10:00AM  Wednesdays 7:00PM

Nazareth Baptist Church: 1156 Ninety-Nine Island Road,        Pastor Joseph Clayton.      Phone # 1-864-839-6598      More information pending.

Mt. Whitaker Baptist Church: 315 North Mountain Street Extension,         Reverend Michael Owen.      Phone # 1-864-839-0143         Sundays 10:00AM and 6:00PM  Wednesday 7:00PM


Independent Baptist

Lighthouse Baptist Church: 241 Oak Grove Road,       Pastor Grady Gregory.       Phone # 1-864-839-2845        Sundays 10:00AM and 6:00PM Wednesdays 7:00PM         This church stresses traditionalism and offers transportation services.

Galilee Baptist Church: 1601 West Cherokee Street/P.O. Box 473,      Pastor Lewis Duckett.      Phone # 1-864-839-6104     Sundays 8:45AM  More information pending.  This church offers transportation services.

Young’s Grove Baptist Church: 222 Youngs Grove Road/P.O. Box 247,        Reverend Larry Brooks and Assistant Reverend Jason McCluney.     Phone # 1-864-839-4349      Sundays 10:00AM  Wednesdays 6:00PM

Piney Grove Baptist Church: 300 Seven Springs Road/100 Seven Springs Street,     Phone # 1-864-492-3234       More information pending.

Oak Grove Independent Baptist Church: 241 Oak Grove Road,         More information pending.

Mountain View Baptist Church: 1560 Piedmont Road,       Pastor Howard S. Beam.     Phone # 1-803-222-1786      More information pending.



New Life Ministries: 809 Batchelor Drive,      Pastor Barry Sutton.      Phone # 1-864-353-2085        Sundays 10:30AM and 6:00PM    Formerly Cherokee Falls Church of God of Prophecy.  More information pending.

Word of Truth Church: 211 Sims Road,      Phone # 1-864-839-2069        More information pending.  This church was last mentioned in 2010.

The Divine True Holiness Church of God: 209 North Academy Street,      Pastor Eddie Lockhart.       Phone # 1-864-839-4236.   More information pending.

Garden Temple Assembly of God: 1339 US-29/West Cherokee Street,      Pastor Danny T. Washburn.       Phone # 1-864-839-3637.     More information pending.

Kings Creek Church of God: 709 Mullinax Circle,       Reverend Rayce L. Wolgemuth and Reverend Eddie Sapoch.       Phone# 1-864-839-9250.     More information pending.

Cherokee Falls Church of God: 1206 Batchelor Drive,        Pastor Wallace Lee King.     Phone # 1-864-395-5113 or 1-864-839-9250.     Sundays 10:30AM    More information pending.    This church hosts Hot Dog Socials.

Blacksburg Church of God: 607 West Cherokee Street/P.O. Box 750,      Phone # 1-864-839-6655.       Sundays 10:45AM and 6:00PM  Wednesday 6:30PM.     This church participates in the Blackburg Backpack Buddy Ministry program to feed hungry kids in our area.   More information pending.

First Apostolic Church-Blacksburg: 553 East Cherokee Street, formerly of 205 East Chester Street,           Pastor Tim Patterson.           Phone # 1-864-839-1873.        Sundays 10:00AM and 6:00PM  Wednesday 7:00PM.        This church just moved into it’s new location in April of 2018.

Fellowship of Jesus Christ: 1561 Shelby Highway/P.O. Box 442,      Pastor Jay Hurst.     Phone # 1-330-205-4530    More information pending.



Trinity Three In One/Trinity AME Zion Church: 123 South Academy Street,        Pastor Wanalyn Barnett.        Phone # 1-864-839-4995.   More information pending.

Bethel CME Church: 118 South Academy Street,       Phone # 1-864-839-1026.   More information pending.

St. John’s United Methodist Church: 105 South Rutherford Street/P.O.Box 703,       Pastor Donald C. Boshell.       Phone # 1-864-839-2466 or 1-864-219-6020.       This church was established in 1876.   More information pending.

Blacksburg ARP Church: 108 South Chester Street,       Reverend Jim Mitchell.      Phone # 1-864-839-2513.      This Presbyterian church has a youth handbells choir.   More information pending.

Hopewell Presbyterian Church: 1437 York Road,        Pastor Anitonette Gardner and Pastor Ron Frazier.     Phone # 1-864-839-0002.      This is a historical church building, having been originally built in 1855.  It is quite beautiful to look at, as it is built from stone.   More information pending.